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Caribbean Star Collaboration

Once you have tasted in traveling through a flight, you will forever walk with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. Leeward Island Air Transport (LIAT) is an airline nerve centered on the grounds of V. C. Bird International Airport in Antigua operates at high-frequency inter-island scheduled services serving 17 destinations in the Caribbean. Have your first flight at LIAT airlines and enjoy the trip with the best service using speed taxi service done.

The air transport services were founded by Kittician the late (now Sir) Frank Delisle in Montserrat in the year 1956 and began flying with a single Piper Apache operating between Antigua and Montserrat. In the year 2007, the airline announced a planned merger with Caribbean star airlines by which they entered into a commercial alliance. From that moment, all flights are marketed as LIAT, even though the airlines decided to operate separately using their own operator certificates until the merger gets completed. As the result of a merger, LIAT renamed its catchphrase to “LIAT, Star of the Caribbean” for some while and again commutated to “The Caribbean Airline”.

Delivery Service

LIAT also offers cargo services across the Caribbean via airport to airport and also the door to door services within one or two days guaranteed by the LIAT professionals. It will also begin all those delivery services with an aircraft Dash 8–100, which is converted from passenger aircraft to a developed cargo service aircraft. Customers can also book the cargo service through online from the websites so that the staffs will deliver them on time without any delay in order to fulfill the customer needs. Moreover, many regional manufacturers, agricultural exporters and other traders had shown their interest in the start-up of the service.

LIAT airlines rated in the leading edge in the transportation and safe handling of general and special cargo. The cargo products include carriage of fresh flowers, household pets, life-saving drugs, valuables and all other general goods. They have special infrastructure and networking services in order to make sure the customer to feel a comfy travel and cargo delivery using dectar App. And also tied up with many foreign airlines and trucking companies to develop the service across the world. The Caribbean airlines admit that reliability, competence, service quality are the key factors to achieve the goal of satisfying customers by improving the service continuously via feedback from them and adding special offers to the products.

Renovating Fleets

Renovation brings out a new positive outcome for the fresh change. This renovating plan takes them a step higher to reach its extremity position. LIAT in the year 2013 decided to acquire new turboprop aircrafts in order to replace Dash 8’s, during their merge with Caribbean Star airlines. New advanced featured aircrafts with trending infrastructure brought a good outcome from the customers, which made them travel high with our service. The professionals with the best service focused on customer’s feedback and needs and respond directly in a gracious manner to have their pleasant flight.

Re-fleeting is an important step in the planning procedure for each and every step of scheduling, analyzing, modifying, commitments and the lot more through computer-based optimization models which are followed keenly by the LIAT airlines. This assists the airlines to choose quick solutions and alternatives for particular situations, in handling the customers with diligence by offering safe and secure travel, granting the cargo services with legal procedures without lagging in scheduled delivery time and lot more. Take up your first flight with LIAT and you will fell to travel with us all over the world ever.